All Questions about the Billion Tree Campaign

Can I also register trees that have been planted already?

Yes. We count all the trees that have been planted since November 2006 with the beginning of the Billion Tree Campaign. 

Can I invite my friends to plant and pledge trees?

Yes of course. Feel free to do so via Social Media or just talk about it. Your friends can also create an account with the Billion Tree Campaign.

Can I remove registered trees again?

Of course. If your tree did not survive or you had to remove trees for regeneration measures, it is possible to erase these trees from your statistic. 

There are already a lot of trees where I am, is it really necessary to plant more?

Some parts of the world are heavily forested and are lucky to have foresters who take care of the trees. In other parts of the world this is not at all the case. Trees are very useful in combatting the ever worsening climate crisis.

Why should I pledge trees?

Everyone should plant at least 150 trees. In the wealthier parts of the world this figure should actually be 1,000. As it might be impossible to plant all of them at once you can make a pledge and fulfill it over a number of years.

How can I show my friends where I planted my trees?

We have a map which shows where many of the trees have been planted. But naturally we rely on the data being provided by the planters to show this.

Why do the data on the lists not show the same results as the data on the maps?

In the lists we show you the data relating to the registration - so where the tree planter is based. So, if someone lives in Italy, his data will be shown in the list for Italy – regardless where the trees may have been planted. On the map we show where the trees have actually been planted. So when a person in Italy plants trees in Kenya, the trees will be shown on the map as being in Kenya.

We can only show the information that was provided to us by the tree planters. If someone is registered but does not give us the exact location of their tree planting, we can´t show the trees on the map. We can only make this data visible which is given to us.

Who is allowed to register trees?

Everyone who plants a tree can register it as a planted tree.

Reforestation as part of commercial forestry is not going to be counted because trees are only replaced.

In the case of a deforested area which is being reforested by a different person (as the case of Campeche) the planted trees count.

Why should I plant trees?

In order to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere we need trees. Trees absorb these gases and they produce the oxygen we need to breathe. Trees store carbon and also important for us is that every planted tree is a sign for climate justice.

How do you check that the trees really have been planted?

If someone registers a high number of planted trees we get in touch to make sure that this person is able to plant that amount of trees. Of course, we ask for pictures to prove.

As we provide maps with the locations of planted trees everyone can check if they are really there. If there aren’t any trees in the registered area, please send a picture to the Billion Tree Campaign and we will remove them from the system. Furthermore, anyone has the chance to upload a picture with their planting activity.

It lies in everyone’s responsibility to only register actually planted trees.  If one dies, the number can be adjusted. 

What is the aim of the Billion Tree Campaign?

The aim of the Billion Tree Campaign is to encourage mass tree planting on a global scale in order to prevent the earth’s global mean temperature from rising by more than 2°C. We not only have to reduce CO2 emissions, we also have to bind the carbon in the long-term. Trees are the best solution. The Billion Tree Campaign is supposed to bring planting trees into the public’s consciousness.

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