Youth Summit

The whole world will meet in Bonn, and you can be part of it!

November 3rd to 17th, 2017

In 2017, Plant-for-the-Planet takes part in COY13 and COP23 in Bonn, Germany. What we offer to you isn’t a Youth Summit as you know it. We want you to get active with your own ideas of how to attract the media’s and delegates’ attention. We help you and provide accommodation at a favorable price in Bonn and support in making your ideas become reality. Connect with young people from all over the world to save your future!

Moreover, on Nov 3rd, we invite you to join our unique event about a material that stores carbon, avoids the use of other climate-damaging materials, creates millions of jobs and saves our future: Wood! You will be impressed by how wood contributes to 10 of 17 Sustainable Developement Goals.

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See you in Bonn!

Join us for COP23! And Distribute Chocolate

As during the last COP, Plant-for-the-Planet distributes a special edition of the Change Chocolate during COP23 in Bonn. Join our delegation.


Choose your programs, book a bed and tell us what makes you the perfect Youth Summit participant.

Wood Is Ingenious - A Conference on Wood

Attend an unique and free event about a surprisingly fascinating topic, presented by scientists from around the globe. Meet young people interested in the same issues as you.

What’s your mission for COY13/COP23?

Your attention catching idea can become reality! We’ll help you!

Improve Your Skills - Our Courses at Youth Summit 2017

Become an expert in campaigning and project management. Apply now!

How to Save Our Futures With Solar Power

A Plant-for-the-Planet Event during COY 13 on Nov 3rd, 2017

Review: Youth Summit 2015 - A Message to G7

During our Youth Summit 2015, we sent a message to the world’s leaders, who met a few days later at the G7-Summit.

Review: Youth Summit 2016 - Green Energy Revolution

In 2016, we came together to start a green energy revoltion.