How to Save Our Futures With Solar Power

A Plant-for-the-Planet Event during COY 13 on Nov 3rd, 2017

Within 6 hours, deserts receive more energy from the sun than humankind consumes within a year. Let’s use this energy! Electricity from  the deserts is no vision – it already is reality. A sustainable transition of how we produce energy without coal, oil and nuclear power, the development of Northern African regions and the fight against desertification – scientists explain how to reach all of that. Join our virtual jorney to the deserts and explore with us the future of electricity production!

Attend a unique and free event about solar power from the desert and meet young people interested in the same issues as you.






Nov 3rd, 2017

Exact hours to be announced (duration 2 hours)





Bonn, Germany, near the area where the Conference of Youth will take place, exact location to be announced


Who can join in?











Anyone, especially participants of the COY

The event is free of charge, but access is limited. Participants are obliged to preregister and to attend the whole event.


Please register

via e-mail to [email protected], Subject SOLAR


  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • In case you attend the COY as a member of a certain organization: name of the organization


 Download this information as a file.