Improve Your Skills - Our Courses at Youth Summit 2017

Become an expert in campaigning and project management. Apply now!

The most motivated and engaged young people can join our trainee programme during COP. We are happy to offer four special training courses:


  1. Become a Junior Project Manager: A unique chance for you to profit from practical expertise and wide knowledge in project management.


  1. Become a Senior Project Manager: Did you already attend our Junior Project Management Training in 2016? We are happy to offer an additional training that will improve your skills.


  1. Become a Programme Coordinator: To spread Plant-for-the-Planet’s idea all over the world, we are always looking for enthusiastic, reliable young people who organize local Academies and find other people to do so. Join our community now and become Programme Coordinator for your country. We will train you to do so!


  1. Become a Professional Campaigner: Experts who are leading campaigns on their own will show you how to catch attention, how to talk to the media and to politicians, how to make a good idea becoming a successful campaign and so on.




Different dates between Monday, Nov 6th to Friday, Nov 17th, 2017




Youth Hostel, Haager Weg 42, 53127 Bonn, Germany


Who can join in?













Anyone, who is interested in improving his/her skills, aged between 18 and 26 years, reliable and willing to attend the whole training.


Terms and Conditions:

The trainings will be provided free of charge. When being accepted you agree to

- attend the whole training.

- do the required final exams within a set timeframe

- pay the charge for your bed before arrival: 7 Eur per night per person during the training


It is necessary to apply via registration form (online soon).

Please note: Earliest Check-in: Nov 3rd 2017. Latest Check-out: Nov 17th, 2017.

Participants are eligible for the €7/night accommodation rate during the training courses, plus for one day for arrival/departure.


You have further ideas of how to catch attention during COY13/COP23?

Learn more about what Plant-for-the-Planet offers.

Download this offer as a PDF here.