Review: Youth Summit 2015 - A Message to G7

During our Youth Summit 2015, we sent a message to the world’s leaders, who met a few days later at the G7-Summit.


Those of us alive today, both the older generation in Elmau and Telfs and the younger of us in Tutzing, represent the first and the last generations capable of solving the climate crisis. Never before has a generation faced such a major challenge.

Together we can make the difference! Let’s tackle together that historical challenge by achieving sustainability together with freedom and human rights! Let’s start implementing the solutions for our survival!

However, if you continue with short-term decisions and reckless actions against us, we young people of the world will no longer be able to follow you; we will have to take action ourselves to ensure our survival. Since 25 years you know about the coming climatic disaster. There is general agreement that global  warming exists (97% of the climate scientist means absolute certainty).

You are negotiating about the climate since 1992, so much longer as we are old. You promised us that the average temperature will not rise by more than 2°C. We children and youth are contributing for half our lifetime to find a solution and planted 13 billion trees. In those years we followed attentively what you were doing. Many of the older generation believed they had a choice between either “climate protection” or “economic growth".

For us children and youth there is no choice: It´s a question of our survival. We 3 billion children and youth are the “next generation” according to 1992 Earth Summit’s definition of sustainability. We are already here, alive and kicking. Since 1992, global warming has been advancing unabated and the natural and social living conditions of us children and youth will be thrown into chaos.

Over the next 30 years we will have to face up to - just to mention one of the threats to us - the reality of 200 million climate refugees. That’s 200 million people who will lose their homes and their countries will lose their citizens. Today, Europe and the U.S. are already overwhelmed with only a tiny fraction of these numbers of refugees, reacting with walls and fences. Walls and fences are no solutions.

Youth Summit 2015, 20-25 May in Tutzing Castle

88 participants from 23 different countries

Youth Summit 2015 Schloss Tutzing, Aerial View

Only 40 miles away from the G7 Summit in Elmau Hotel on 7-8 June in between the Bilderberg conference in Interalpen Hotel, Telfs in Tirol


Welcome Message by Achim Steiner

UNEP Executive Director and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations


Press Conference

The Youth Summit kicked off with a Press Conference at the „Presse Club München“.


Download the press release in differnt languages. The statements to the press were these:

We call to start the greatest afforestation project  in the history of humankind because
3 billion youths on this planet worry about their future

We managed to plant 14 billion trees in eight years. It is our aim to plant 1000 billion trees in order to sequester 25% of man-made CO2 and thus ensure our survival.

 We are therefore calling global players, industries and rich people all over the world to join the project.

We need a global energy revolution because this will mean access to clean energy for everybody and therefore a just spread of prosperity

We managed to fly to the moon in just over ten years. So if we consider ourselves a world family, we should definitely be able to find 986 people, companies and industries that each promise to plant 1 billion trees over the next years

Remember the story about the mosquitos and the rhinoceros - one little mosquito can’t do anything, but a thousand mosquitos can force a rhino to change direction          

We do not want to be known in due course as the generation that destroyed the planet. We want to be known as the generation that found a solution for the biggest challenge mankind has ever faced - our own survival.

It is crazy that we are burning oil (or using it for our cars), oil that we need for us and our children in the future for life-saving medicine etc.

We can use solar energy to desalinate water and for our afforestation projects

If we don’t act, we will also face at least 200 million climate refugees by 2050

Those 1.000 billion trees we want to plant are not a solution, but they are a time buffer for politicians to finally come to a binding resolution in Paris

That is why, over the next five days during our Youth Summit, we will be working on a manifesto which will serve as input to the coming discussions such as the G7-summit, the Bilderberg-conferences and the climate conference in Paris at the end of this year

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