9th March, 2018

    Grimaldi Forum, Monaco

    Welcome to the official landing page of PlantAhead – the launch of the most important global reforestation project ever in human history!

    Here you will soon be provided with all information on the spectacular kick-off event, hosted by HSH Prince Albert II, and all associated activities. We promise there is a lot to come, so be sure to stay tuned!



    What it’s about:


    As part of the Billion Tree Campaign, we children and youth and many adults have already planted over 14 billion trees in order to fight the climate crisis and its devastating environmental, social and economic consequences.

    But time is running out. So in order to achieve our goal, we will kick off a global movement to plant 1,000 billion trees. That way we could offset between 25% and 50% of global human-made carbon emissions and thereby help to keep the temperature rise below the crucial 2°C. We gain more time to transform our global energy system into 100% renewable energies. That’s why we’ll launch the Trillion Tree Campaign!

    And here is what you can do: subscribe to our newsletter, spread the word to all your friends and family. And of course: support the Trillion Tree Campaign and plant trees!

    You can register your planted trees on the official tree counter or donate directly via our website. 20 Euros for example will plant 20 new trees – but of course you can also cooperate with us on a larger scale. There are so many great possibilities!

    We believe that we can make a change together.

    Let’s plant a better future!