Planting location Campeche

    Today one million small trees are growing on land, that was abandond 2 years ago. Some of them are already taller than our workers and are steadily storing the greenhouse gas CO2.

    In Mexico, we are planting on our own property: 13,700 hectare of fertile land near Constitución in the state of Campeche, Mexico. The planting location is called „Rancho Las Américas“.With the help of the foundation’s endowment capital provided by the Finkbeiner family, their friends and relatives, as well as the donations of many supporters over Christmas 2013, we were able to acquire this extremely fertile area. It once has been degraded land. When we first saw this land near Constitución in the Mexican state of Campeche we were sad: a previous investor had chopped down the trees and subsequently abandoned it. Within one year, we have created a CO2 storage facility from this land which is essential for our survival and is now a living space for many species and renewable resources for the local people.  #longjourney #adventure #roughnature #wildlife

    To be able to reach the planting area, they needed to fix up some parts of the road first. You need about 40 minutes to get to the planting area during the dry season. Why don’t you take a look at the road and the area yourself by watching the YouTube video. #longjourney #highwaytoabetterfuture #intothewoods #roadtorancholasamericas

    “78 workers in Constitución are cultivating eight different tree species, on average planting 5,500 trees per day and are taking care of the trees. 94 percent of the planted trees survive – that’s more than four times higher than the average survival rate in Campeche. This is only possible thanks to our excellent team of workers”, explained Raul Negrete Cetina, President of Plant-for-the-Planet A.C. in Mexico. He´s very proud of his team and thankful for their great work. The 78 workers, who are composed of one CEO, one agricultural engineer, three chefs and 73 workers, would love to achieve their goal of 10 million planted trees by the end of 2020. #teamspirit #community #dreamsforthefuture # workhardwithpassion

    They are planting 9 different species of trees in Campeche: mahagoni, cedar, gumbo limbo, jocote, catawba, calabash tree, almond tree, moringa and the black sapote. But what happens, after the trees are planted?

    Trees store carbon in their wood while growing . But if after a few decades they die, the absorbed carbon dioxide returns back into the atmosphere. If instead the wood is turned into furniture or wooden buildings, the carbon remains stored. Combining sustainable forestry, reforestation and local wood industries, this method can build up a long-term carbon storage and perspectives for many workers in the countries of the south. #buldingressourcesintimesofscarcity #sustainableincome #mahagoni #differenttypesoftrees