The Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation

On January 31st 2010, 21 Climate Justice Ambassadors established the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation. Since 2007 the Global Marshall Plan Foundation has been helping us to coordinate our activities.

The Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation supports us in acting at an international level and building our own network. The Foundation gives us the opportunity to be listened to and to speak with one voice. We will work closely together with adults, leaders and decision makers to improve the coordination of our activities, our international network and to find more and more partners to support us.

The Children Council: Something that is unique about the Foundation, is the Children’s Coordination Council. The members of this board are all Ambassadors for Climate Justice who are active in organising planting activities and giving lectures on these important topics.With an average age of 12 years old, this is likely to be one of the youngest foundation boards.

Here is a list of the members of the Children Council  (as of October 2010): Alina, Clara, Felix, Franziska, Jona, Josia, Joy, Julian, Jule, Jule, Karoline, Lea, Leon, Liam, Max, Melik-Sina, Merle, Mira, Moritz, Niklas, Raphael, Rufat, Szesima.
All members of the Children Council are active Climate Justice Ambassadors, and they demonstrate that everyone can assume responsibility and actively shape the future by organizing planting parties, giving speeches, and encouraging others to participate.

You want to become a member of the Children's Council? Send your application to ccc [at] plant-for-the-planet [dot] org.

Our Vision: We want the majority of humans of our generation to feel like global citizens.

Our Mission: The symbolic act of planting a tree reflects the urgent need to save our future. It shows that global challenges can be faced and tackled together. Climate justice explains the world’s interconnectedness and stands for the need for a fair distribution of wealth. In Plant-for-the-Planet academies we empower ourselves to form a global network and act as global citizens. Our network should reflect the general distribution of the world population.

Our Objectives: By 2020 we want to reach a number of at least one million children that have participated in one of 20,000 Plant-for-the-Planet Academies. Plant-for-the-Planet is for children aged 10-12. Some older children decided to build up a global political party in Bad Blumau in July 2010.

The Three-Point-Program of Plant-for-the-Planet:

  1. Put Carbon into the Museum. All technology for a CO2-free-lifestyle already exists.
  2. Put Poverty into the Museum by Climate Justice: Distribute the 600 billion tons of CO2 evenly amongst all humans with 1.5 t CO2 per head per year. Who wants more, pays more.
  3. Plant billions of trees as additional carbon storage. We children are starting with the first million in each country of the world!