Over 100,000 children around the world are following the same mission. To guarantee success, we are well organized on every level! This way we prove that we children can lead a global movement on our own. Scroll down to find out how we do it.

    The Associtation: Plant-for-the-Planet Initiative e.V.


    The association Plant-for-the-Planet Initiative e.V. is lead by an elected Global Board. It consists of Climate Justice Ambassadors. Read more about the Global Board!

    Stronger together:
    The Plant-for-the-Planet Clubs.

    The Plant-for-the-Planet-Clubs can vote for new members of the Global Board. At any place of the world, Climate Justice Ambassadors can form a new club.

    We are Climate Justice Ambassadors.

    Any child between 10 and 12 years can become Climate Justice Ambassadors. Anywhere in the World. Learn what a Climate Justice Ambassador is or register here to become a Climate Justice Ambassador.


    Scientific Advisory Board, led by Dr. Tom Crowther


    The Plant-for-the-Planet Foundations

    The Plant-for-the-Planet Foundations provide the financial and legal background for the Association, so the children and youth can reach their aims. These are Plant-for-the-Planet Foundations:


    That's where all has begun. In the offices in Uffing, Tutzing and Hamburg a team works on coordinating academies all over the world, coaching Climate Justice Ambassadors and selling the Change Chocolate which helps us to plant trees. HQs are the first train station in German that produces more energy than it needs!

    Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation
    Am Bahnhof 1
    82449 Uffing am Staffelsee


    Plant-for-the-Planet A. C.
    Avenida de Los Continentes
    Mza 2 Lote 2
    Fraccionamiento Mundo Habitatt
    C.P. 77714 Playa del Carmen, Solidaridad, Quintana Roo, México


    Fundación Plant-for-the-Planet España
    Bòria, 17 Pral.
    08003 Barcelona


    Plant-for-the-Planet Stiftung Schweiz
    Grossweid 4,
    6026 Rain