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As Plant-for-the-Planet Climate Justice Ambassadors we are part of a worldwide network. More than 67,000 children are already active as Climate Justice Ambassadors (as of February 2018) and spread our vision of climate justice and global citizenship to our schools, families and friends. Our common symbol is the planting of trees.

In the Academies, we children find out together about the climate crisis, distribution justice and global citizenship. More experienced children spread their knowledge to other children. Thus, we empower ourselves to become Climate Justice Ambassadors.

We show that everybody can take responsibility and can actively shape our future - by organizing planting parties, giving lectures and motivating others to join in.

Merve Sena Erkan

Chiangozie Unde


Sagar Aryal

Chenung Shing

Sofia Daniela Nava


Erick Onduru


Paola Loarca

Shiela Marie

Paulina Yenevith

Jack Kfwanka


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