Become a Plant-for-the-Planet Programme Coordinator!
Learn everything  at our Empowerment Center in the Carribean!

Everyone who is at least 18 years old can become a programme coordinator
with the children- and youth initiative, wherever in the world you come from.
Programme coordinators help to disseminate the message of Plant-for-the-Planet
and to reach more children. They do this by organizing and running academies.
Furthermore, as a programme coordinator you have other opportunities to support
the concerns of the children and young people, e.g. by inviting them to regular
meetings or by collecting donations.

We offer training at our Empowerment Center in Playa del Carmen (Mexico) for
prospective coordinators. There have been activities in Playa del Carmen, in the
state of Quintana Roo, since 2010. Plant-for-the-Planet Mexico has also had its
own office here since 2013.

During a three-week course, you will learn everything about Plant-for-the-Planet
and its scientific background. The course, which is taught in English or Spanish,
has a strong practical focus and is led by an experienced coordinator from Mexico.
Several others assist him and the course leader himself organizes at least two academies
per month.
Apart from the training room, the Empowerment Center offers  accomodation for the
participants with a big open kitchen, Wifi access and a washing machine.

There is the possibility of attending a language course on-site before completing the
coordinator training. The course is offered at a special price to our would-be Programme
Coordinators by the language school Solexico in Playa del Carmen.

The course modules:

Group work and visits to schools and authorities are part of the training.

The first course finished in January 2015.

Our office and training building in Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya

Are you also interested in getting active as a coordinator for Plant-for-the-Planet?
Everybody who is of legal maturity (usually 18) and is already active with
Plant-for-the-Planet, either as a Climate Justice Ambassador or as a teacher or parent,
can apply for the two-to-three-week programme.

Please send us the following documents for your application:

Please send us these documents via e-mail.

The next available course dates will be:
will follow