The "3 pillars" of an Academy

A Plant-for-the-Planet Academy builds on three basic elements, the so-called "3 pillars" of an Academy.

  1. The first thing is to bring the children together: who can manage to fill all the Academy places with inspired children?
  2. Furthermore, the Academy needs financing: who can support the event to cover the incurring costs?
  3. At each Academy a tree planting event is also essential: which forester or gardener can support the children? Where can we plant? Who can organize the saplings?

Once these "3 pillars" are established, the Academy is well on the way to success. 

Only in an ideal case are all the "3 pillars" in place from the beginning. There is usually an element or two missing. But this is not a problem, and can be discussed with the Plant-for-the-Planet Secretariat.

Whether you're a teacher, entrepreneur, forester or private individual - anyone can organize an Academy. The Plant-for-the-Planet office will help you to incorporate the "3 pillars" on-site.