Youth Summit

Global Energy Revolution

Why is the Youth Summit organized?

Last year’s Paris Agreement was a milestone towards saving our future. Now all of us – multinational companies and citizens alike - have to bring this agreement to life and reduce greenhouse gas emissions permanently, so that the rise of the global mean temperature stays below 1.5 degrees Celsius. To achieve this we need a Global Energy Revolution. The energy of the future is clean and inexpensive. Only then will it be possible to preserve the living environment of billions of people, only then will people be able to escape poverty and only then will future generations have a future. That is why at last year's Youth Summit we agreed to focus on a Global Energy Revolution at the 2016 summit.


The Youth Summit 2016 will take place from October 30th until November 3rd

Exerzitienhaus Leitershofen
86391 Stadtbergen

Application process
Application is open for Climate Justice Ambassadors, (co-)moderators and coordinators aged 16 to 25.
Application Form Youth Summit 2016

Please contact us with any questions at [email protected]
A detailed program will follow.


Empowerment Center
After the Youth Summit we will be offering training in our Empowerment Center in Stadtbergen (near Augsburg) and  Possenhofen (near Munich). The training consists of several units:

  • 3-5 November: Junior Project Manager (IAPM certified training)
    in English and German in Augsburg
  • 6-8 November: Program Coordinator training
    Become a freelance Program Coordinator and empower children in your country
    In English in Possenhofen


No-one should be prevented from participating due to financial reasons. However, we do ask every participant to cover their travel expenses, visa fees and a small participation fee*.

*Participation fee
Youth Summit 100 € / 50 € (discounted fee for active Climate Justice Ambassadors)

Project Management Training           50 €
Empowerment Center                       50 €


COP 22
The 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 22) to the UNFCCC is expected to take place in from November 7th-18th 2016. Morocco will host this COP. Participants of the Youth Summit and Empowerment Center are invited to register their interest in being part of the Plant-for-the-Planet delegation by emailing Helge Bork.