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Day of the Planet special celebration organized on April 4, 2014 by the students of the American Academy school in Guadalajara, Mexico


The Day of the Planet activity on April 4, 2014, was opened by a CONAFOR representative (Mexican Government's Environmental Agency) who spoke on the great importance of taking planting and taking care of trees. Tips on how to achieve this and how make a wonderful urban forest of their city were further offered.

A speaker coming from a local animal rights' foundation explained how the maltreatment and abandonment of animals and pets contributes to Guadalajara's contamination. Another NGO-member invited the participants to recycle, helping thereby to pay cancer treatments for low income families. Finally, a professor coming from the University of Guadalajara informed about the many ways we waste water and how we can help alleviate the problem.

After these very interesting conferences, 45 students gave a presentation before the school community about the mission and ecological objectives of Plant-for-the-Planet. The middle schoolers set up interactive booths where all guests could receive information through trivia games and model representations of the ecological problems that afflict the city.