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More and More International Plant-for-the-Planet Offices planned


To strengthen our international network and to support our numerous country activities, Plant-for-the-Planet is gradually founding local offices in over 14 countries. The first steps have already been taken and significant progress has been made e.g. in the UK, where we have recently founded the first official subsidiary in Liverpool. Although early positive progress has been made, many hurdles have to be cleared, especially in the legal field. We usually need an office, a legal representative and a bank account to found a subsidiary or legal entity in a country. The legal requirements for the foundation of local offices differ from country to country, and we therefore often rely on the help of a local lawyer. Fortunately we have found lawyers willing to support us on a pro bono basis in, for example, South Africa, Argentina and Kenya. But we still need lawyers to support us in many other countries, especially in Italy, France, Brazil and USA. 

Please support us: if you are a lawyer, or if you know lawyers who would be willing to help us on a pro bono basis in these countries, please contact us.
Location of our new office in Liverpool