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Plant-for-the-Planet Academy Kenya on 4th October 2014


The Plant-for-the-Planet Academy in Kenya took place on Image4th October 2014 at the Ndabibit primary School. Five schools participated in the academy with a total of 42 children. Also some guests like the school heads and the deputy council commissioner were present.
The children put a lot of effort in the academy and presented several speeches, songs, poems and quotes related to environmental conservation. Furthermore, they prepared a demonstrative campaign "STOP TALKING START PLANTING" for the guests. After various activities the children discovered the new planting site near the school grounds and were guided by a forest ranger. To finish the academy all children and guests started planting trees on the new plant site. At the end of the day 420 new trees were planted.
All participating children received a certificate and a book and were officially appointed as climate justice ambassadors. After a big group lunch the academy was finished and everyone headed home with lots of new knowledge and thoughts in their heads.

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