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A Great Honour for Great Commitment


In March, our Climate Justice Ambassador, Ariane Benedikter, received a very special honor. Italian President Sergio Mattarella awarded her the prize "Alfiere della Repubblica", which means "To the Honour of the State ". Since 2010, a maximum of 30 young people per year have been awarded this prize in Italy for their social, solidarity and societal commitment. But how does one achieve this honour? Each time there are hundreds of applications from which the president and a commission choose who becomes an honorary citizen of the Italian state for his or her commitment. It is not even possible to apply yourself. You are simply proposed by someone else - and no one tells you who. And you don't know in advance that you have even been nominated. No wonder Ariane was so surprised when she was called and informed about her prize. She has been active for Plant-for-the-Planet for nine years.

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