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10,000 new trees and many new friends



"Lets make the April 25th 2008 the day of the tree". That's the wish of Felix (10) and Franziska (11) addressed to the the hundreds of visitors in the town hall of Weilheim. The two pre-teens represent the scholars of all 7 schools in Weilheim.

Their demand is simple. One day the school term should not be ruled by mathematics, English or grammar, but by the ecological understanding of our common world.

Support comes from Klaus Toepfer, former Executive Director of the United Nations Environmental Program, Gerald Hauser, the president of the Rotary Club Weilheim and Lothar Feuser, the CEO of Toyota Germany.

The audience is very interested and many questions are asked and answered. They understood the impact of a single tree - if all of us work together.

And so 10,000 new trees were promised - either to be planted by the visitors themselves or financed with the donations made.

A great success of a very simple idea.