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How to Celebrate a Climate-Friendly Christmas


Arrival to the Family

If you have to make a longer way to be with your loved ones at Christmas, plant trees to compensate your CO2 emissions.

Just calculate your emissions and plant 5 trees per ton of CO2.


Car:  139 grams per passenger kilometre

Long-distance bus:  32 grams per passenger kilometre

Public bus:  75 grams per passenger kilometre

Train (long-distance):  36 grams per passenger-kilometre

Train (local transport):  60 grams per passenger-kilometre

Tram/U-Bahn:  64 grams per passenger-kilometre

Plane:  201 grams per passenger kilometre



So if you travel 1,000 kilometres to your family by plane, you have to calculate: 1,000*201 grams = 201,000 grams = 201 kilograms of CO2 per person. To compensate this, at least one tree must be planted. Or better two, because the emissions from your onward journey from the airport to your destination will also be added.

By the way, planting trees is very easy, we will be happy to handle this for you: for every donated Euro, we plant one tree.

Plant trees now


Christmas Dinner with a Difference

How about vegetarian - or even better - vegan food on Christmas holidays? Online you'll find lots of great recipes that will make Christmas special this year. And best of all, you can save a lot of CO2.

For comparison: the production of one kilogram beef causes 300 kilograms CO2. By avoiding meat at Christmas (and of course also during the rest of the year) you can save a lot of CO2.



Last Minute Gift - Give Away Trees!

Don't tell anyone you haven't got all the presents for family and good friends together yet? Well then, we have the perfect solution for you: Give away a piece of future! With our tree voucher you can easily give away trees to your loved ones. We will send you the voucher within a few minutes via e-mail, so you only have to print it out. Promise!

Last Minute Tree Gift


With this in mind, we wish you a Merry and Climate-friendly Christmas!