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One more successful Academy took place in Rwanda


The Academy took place on 17th June 2017 at Groupe Scolaire François d’Assise Tero, Musanze Sector, Musanze District, Northern Province of Rwanda.  Tero is in the outskirts of National Volcanoes Park, the home of mountain gorillas. 

The members of the moderating team were Patrick Isingizwe, Emmanuel Bugingo, Leonie Zeuner, Joy Munezero Bugingo and Aimable Twizere.

The Academy was attended by 68 children from four schools. The children were accompanied by 16 teachers.

Bugingo Emmanuel, Executive Director of Partners for Conservation opened the Academy welcoming the participants and introducing the moderating team as well as thanking everybody, participants welcomed each other with a song.

When, he continued with the presentation on Climate Justice.  Leonie Zeuner led the World Game session where she divided children into 6 groups according to their schools mixing their primary and secondary schools, accompanying teachers told  that primary students have no enough geography knowledge to deal with World Game.  Within their groups, they discussed about world population, countries richness and CO2 emissions using maps that were drawn on class blackboards and drawn card signs standing for the topics they worked on.  Patrick Isingizwe continued with Presentation Training session. 

After the presentation training, we went on field which was in few seconds walk from Academy classroom for Tree Planting Session.  Emmanuel Bugingo, former Regional Manager of Gorilla Organization International and one the conservation big names in the region known to be the home mountain gorillas, first told the children the rules and behaviour in the forest then we started planting and we planted 100 grevillea trees to help with the school project of protecting a ravine from the volcano which is in the school compound. Some people from a community near the school joined us. 

After lunch prepared by some teachers from Groupe Scolaire François d’Assise Tero, Patrick Isingizwe continued with Plant-for-the-Planet Presentation.

During questions and supplements, where participants and teachers expressed  - they were moved by what they learnt.  They also asked questions on how they can engage with high political personalities and adults in general as known in our culture that children have to respect adults’ thoughts. 

The participants spread again into four groups according to their seats columns for World Café and every group was sent to its own classroom where they were moving from classroom to classrooms reading and adding what should be added on what their colleagues thought and write.

After that participants were spread into their school groups to make plan for their schools. They were given time to present what each group members agreed on where each group leader presented for their school. 

More photos and video with children son you can find at out Flickr ALBUM