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Program Coordinator Training during Youth Summit 2017


During the days of the Youth Summit 2017 traditional Plant-for-the-Planet Program Coordinator Training took place.

This year it was just one but very intensive day – workshop, which took place on 10 and repeated on 13 November 2017. Participants for both days were in total 30 Program Coordinators from 16 different countries (Mexico, Brazil, Cameroon, Ghana, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Nepal, Bhutan, Spain, Libya, Ethiopia, Sweden, Togo, Guinea, and Uganda). Some of them already have experience and others have just started. 

As Program Coordinators, they plan and lead Academies, supervise Ambassadors for Climate Justice and take care of the financing of the activities in the country. The purpose of such annual trainings is to bring our Program Coordinators worldwide together, share the latest changes, answer questions and have a live discussions.

The members of Plant-for-the-Planet secretariat have gone through the history of Plant-for-the-Planet, our visions and missions, received the information about contract and payments. They were introduced to our Project Moderator Tool – Proplan, which program Coordinator worldwide using for organising Plant-for-the-Planet Academies in their home countries.

At the end of the day everybody have the possibility to share experience and ask question during exchange café. Moreover every inspired Program Coordinator could sign the contract and receive the access to our Academy organising tool Proplan and even receive the Moderator bag with first kit of the Academy materials.

Thank you to all participants and to trainers of these days!