Portrnit dee Plnnt-for-the-Plnnet Botechnftere für Kliingerechtigkeit AnianeendorA




Über mich

Age: 18 years old

Climate Justice Ambassador since 2010

Languages: German, Italian, English, French

I am active with Plant-for-the-Planet, because...

...from my childhood on, I was concerned about our nature and therefore, the protection of our environment was an important issue for me. As we, children and youth, are still young and are facing our entire lives on this planet, it’s up to us to set an example and save the world! Together we can make a change! By the way, working with Plant-for-the-Planet gave me the chance to get to know people from all over the world – now I am having connections everywhere.

My activities:

06/2018 Presentation at the „Forum Holzbau zur nachhaltigen Verwendung von Holz“ (sustainable usage of wood), Meran (in German)

02/2018 Presentation for 6th grade at a Secondary School, St. Pauls (in German)

03/2018 Participation in the Global Youth Summit 2018, Monaco

03/2018 Participation in the Launching Event of the "Trillion Tree Campaign", Monaco

11/2017 Participation in the Global Youth Summit 2017, Bonn

11/2016 Participation in the COY 11, Paris

11/2016 Participation in the Global Youth Summit 2016, Augsburg

2015/16 Global Children's Board

05/2015 Participation in the Global Youth Summit 2015, Tutzing

2014/15 Vice President of the Global Children's Board

12/2014 Presentation at the project "Piattaforma delle Resistenze contemporanee" for 800 children, Bozen (in Italian)

11/2014 Presentation for four grades at a Secondary School, Sand in Taufers (in German)

11/2014 Presentation, Brixen (in German)

08/2014 Presentation, Jesolo (in German)

2013/14 Global Children's Board

2012/13 Global Children's Board

Planting Parties, Change Chocolate Sales, Acquisition of Donations, Public Relations Work