Youth Summit 2017

The whole world will meet in Bonn, and you can be part of it!

In 2017, Plant-for-the-Planet takes part in COY13 and COP23 in Bonn, Germany. We offer a special training for capacity building and to apply your skills, we want you to get active with your own ideas of how to attract the media’s and delegates’ attention. We help you and provide accommodation at a favorable price in Bonn and support in making your ideas become reality.

Do you want to improve your skills to manage campaigns and convince people? Apply now and become a Junior Project Manager, a Professional Campaigner or a Programme Coordinator for Plant-for-the-Planet Programmes in your country!

Connect with young people from all over the world to save your future!

Moreover, on Nov 3rd, we invite you to join our unique event about a material that stores carbon, avoids the use of other climate-damaging materials, creates millions of jobs and saves our future: Wood! You will be impressed by how wood contributes to 10 of 17 Sustainable Developement Goals.

See you in Bonn!

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Improve Your Skills

A free training course makes you an expert in campaigning and project management. Apply now!

The most motivated and engaged young people can join our trainee programme during COP. We are happy to offer four special trainings, accommodation included at a very favorable price (7 Eur per night):

A) Become a Junior Project Manager: A unique chance for you to profit from practical expertise and wide knowledge in project management.

B) Become a Senior Project Manager: Did you already attend our Junior Project Management Training in 2016? We are happy to offer an additional training that will improve your skills.

C) Become a Programme Coordinator: To spread Plant-for-the-Planet’s idea all over the world, we are always looking for enthusiastic, reliable young people who organize local Academies and find other people to do so. Join our community now and become Programme Coordinator for your country. We will train you to do so!

D) Become a Professional Campaigner: Experts who are leading campaigns on their own will show you how to catch attention, how to talk to the media and to politicians, how to make a good idea becoming a successful campaign and so on.

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Join us for COP23!

As during the last COP, Plant-for-the-Planet distributes a special edition of the Change Chocolate during COP23 in Bonn. Join our delegation.

In Marrakesh, on Nov 4th, 2016, the UN Climate Agreement was set into force. Our Plant-for-the-Planet delegation contributed to this success by spreading the Change Chocolate among the negotiators. The Change Chocolate is a fair-trade product that plants trees against the climate crisis. For COP23, we produce a special edition of the Change Chocolate which will explain the importance of global action against climate crisis. The chocolate wrapper contains a letter to the Governments all over the world asking the powerful people to take action and save our future. Connect with young people from all over the world and join our delegation.


What’s your mission  for COY13/COP23?

Your attention catching idea can become reality! We’ll help you!

Journalists from all over the world will be there. Delegates will negotiate climate action plans. And you will catch their attention by your creative action to let all of them know: Stop talking. Start planting. We invite you to make your own idea become reality during COY13/COP23.

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Wood Is Ingenious

Attend an unique and free event about a surprisingly fascinating topic, presented by scientists from around the globe. Meet young people interested in the same issues as you.

We reinvent the wood industry! At our conference "Wood Is Ingenious", scientists present all aspects of this ingenious material: It stores carbon. It avoids concrete which causes carbon emissions three times as high as emissions by airplanes. It is the only material grown out of the power of the sun. Imagine we built skyscrapers out of wood, we provided a hundred millions of jobs in the global south, we stored one fourth of the annual global carbon emissions by planting trees and using wood.

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How to Save Our Futures with Solar Power

A Plant-for-the-Planet Event during COY 13 (Nov 3rd, 2017)

Within 6 hours, deserts receive more energy from the sun than humankind consumes within a year. Let’s use this energy! Electricity from  the deserts is no vision – it already is reality. A sustainable transition of how we produce energy without coal, oil and nuclear power, the development of Northern African regions and the fight against desertification – scientists explain how to reach all of that. Join our virtual jorney to the deserts and explore with us the future of electricity production!

Attend a unique and free event about solar power from the desert and meet young people interested in the same issues as you.



Review: A Message to G7 at Youth Summit 2015

During our Youth Summit 2015, we developed a proposal for solutions to ensure our survival and sent a message to the world’s leaders, who met a few days later at the G7-Summit and Bilderberg Conference, both of which are just 40 miles away from our Youth Summit 2015 location.

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Review: Let's Start a Green Energy Revolution - Youth Summit 2016

60 young people from all over the world came together in Augsburg from Oct 29th to Nov 3rd. Speakers like Prof. Rajendra Pachauri from Energy and Resources Institute New Dehli and Thomas Crowther gave inspirations of how to plant 1,000 billion trees and how to start an energy revolution.

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