Country Flag Costa Rica

One of our Latin American partners is working to plant trees in the north of Costa Rica. Their reforestation project involves planting a mixture of teak trees and native hard woods on former pasture land.
In cooperation with our partners in Costa Rica, Plant-for-the-Planet has been working to plant seedling, for example along waterways, in order to support and restore ecosystems there. The preferred tree species for these areas are Swietenia macrophylla, Dalbergia retusa, Anacardium excelsum, Vochysia guatemalensis and Acacia mangium. Also crucial are the Central American Forest Almond Tree „Almendro“ (Dipteryx panamensis), whose fruits are critical to the diet of the endangered Great green macaw (Ara ambiguus).
The majority of seedlings donated, are used as part of a “living fence” which will replace the fencing used previously in the reforestation area of Finca San Rafael. For this the trees are planted at 30cm intervals, and this prevents free ranging cattle from entering the area. For this purpose, 15.000 „Limoncillo“ (Swinglia glutinosa) seedlings were provided in 2009.