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In 2012 Plant-for-the-Planet is starting to support Arme Menschen e.V. (Poor People Association) in collaboration with Associação de Formação e Incentivo para o Nordeste Karente to plant trees in the North East of Brazil. The idea is to supply the nurseries from regional farmers with tree seedlings of fruit and tree crops that grow well in the region, such as cashew, Pinha or graviola. Planted in the field, small trees need 1-2 years to develop to the extent that the first fruits can be harvested. During this time, the farmers take care of the irrigation and protection of their seedlings. Once it is harvested, the families in the communities will then have the option of either increase their livelihood by selling the fruit or to supply their children and families with healthier food and natural products. The crops are used to make poles for fences or animal feed. In addition, trees provide shade for humans and animals. Through a special kind of crops a problem in beekeeping can also be solved: in the dry season, the bees will often find no food, since many trees have no blossoms during this period. Therefore, in the reforestation project, trees are brought up that unfold its full bloom only during the dry months.