Country Flag Congo - Kinshasa

The second largest tropical woodland in the world is located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. However certain areas here, especially in the province of Kivu in the east of Congo, are classified as “extreme wood shortage areas” owing to overexploitation of the timber. The reforestation project carried out by Plant-for-the-Planet in collaboration with our local partner organisation, helps to combat the devastating effects of deforestation and erosion of the now bare hillsides. In the regions Burhinyi and Luhwinja, southwest of Bukava, more than 1 million trees have already been planted with help from the local population. The goal is to have 20 square km of land reforested. In 2008/2009 our partner in the Democratic Republic of the Congo also supported an activity called „100.000-Trees-Project“. In Burhinyi, Luhwinja, Kaziba (in the west of the province Kivu), in Katana, on the outskirts of the Kahuzie-Biega-National park and on the island Idjwi in the Kivuseem, seedlings were grown in local tree nurseries before being planted by many locals. This project combines efforts for global climate justice, with local environmental protection and action for the local population in an exemplary way.