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1,000 Academies to train children


More than 55,000 children and youth have been trained at a Plant-for-the-Planet Academy. The 1000th Academy will take place on May, 6th in Wohltorf, Germany.

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In the Academies, children teach other children to become Climate Justice Ambassadors. They learn in very specific terms how the climate crisis threatens their future. They experience vividly what climate justice can look like and work in groups to develop their own actions for their future.  The children plant trees with their own hands and train public speaking, because, as ambassadors, they have a message that they want to carry out!

For the children, participation is free of charge thanks to sponsors.

They then become part of a network of more than 55,000 trained Climate Justice Ambassadors in 53 countries. Many of our Climate Justice Ambassadors are active for years after the academy. They therefore are coached by our foundation’s employees and experts in science and rhetoric, they give speeches and are interviewed by journalists regularly.

Join an academy now or support us to finance more Academies in future.