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4th Academy in Hungary!


The 4th Academy in Hungary took place in the Sajnovics János Általános Iskola School, here 35 children attended to become Climate Justice Ambassadors and engage in planting trees with us!

The kids were so excited to start with the ELTE Gyertyánffy Climate Ambassadors who were the main characters of the event. They were presenting in the morning and also moderated the kids throughout the day.

The kids of Tordas also picked their presidents for the clubs, and had many ideas and a plan, on how to engage after the Academy. Some of them even mentioned that they are pretty close to the city´s mayor and they therefore want to have a meeting with him. After the Academy we contacted the mayor and he was open to cooperate and waiting for the Ambassadors to be part of the city planning in terms of sustainability and green development!

The emphasis of this Academy was on the local communities who can work together. We also experienced that it is so much easier to reach the decision makers in a small community. Here, the children already know many people in charge of important outposts and therefore can provoke action in an even quicker timespan!

The students who attended were just as excited as us to be able to attend this amazing Academy day. Here, we were very much supported by the locals, the school and even got our Academy lunch from a local bakery.

Finally, after the planting every child got their Climate Justice Ambassador Certificate and one beautiful Academy ended.

All photos can be seen here.

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