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85 new Ambassadors from Islamabad!


Thanks to the Youth Parliament for Water and Gomal Damaan Area Water Partnership (PYPW), the Plant-for-the-Planet Academy took place at the PakTurk International School & College Islamabad on April 18th.

With the support of the (PYPW) team and program coordinator (Wasif), 85 new young Climate Justice Ambassadors were graduated!

Honourable vice Principal Mrs. Zerfishan Adnan highly welcomed the Plant-for-the-Planet team and expressed her gratitude for selecting her school for this esteemed activity. Mr. Wasif Bashir and the other facilitators shortly introduced themselves one by one. They also distributed T-Shirts among the participants. The students were asked to express their views a little, introduce themselves and say something about their studies or something funny as an ice breaking activity. All the students really enjoyed it. Program Coordinator (Wasif) started the Academy with a short introduction about the Plant-for-the-Planet mission and vision. He told the story of Felix, who started his first tree plantation in 2007 and inspired children all around the world to plant a trillion trees. He further added that the Climate Crisis is a big challenge, which threatens Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM), food security, environmental sustainability and economic growth. It’s creating catastrophic events in Pakistan and entire South Asia region like flash floods and massive bush fires.  

World Game   

For the worldgame the students were divided into different groups and with one facilitator each. A world map, candy, balloons, and also some informative cards were given to each group. They were asked to dispense the balloons and the candy on the map to figure out the disparities on our planet. This activity was really enjoyed by the students.

Rhetoric Activity  

Ms. Zerfishan Adnan (Vice Principal of PakTurk) introduced the students in the rhetoric activity, providing the platform to improve the presentation and demonstration style of the young Climate Justice Ambassadors.  
After the grouping the students were equipped with some informative cards and knowledgeable material about the Climate Crisis, carbon emission, and most effected regions and states. With the support of the facilitators and program coordinators the students hold their presentation about different topics like carbon emissions, photosynthesis, the reason of the Climate Crisis and weather variations.  

Plantation Activity 

The tree plantation activity was a special episode of this academy in which each student planted one tree and promised to look after it. Students, teachers, and guest Mr. Aslam Khan (President GDAWP) as well as the Director of the PakTurk School offered their assistance to students in planting trees to ensure strong inter-generational cooperation to secure the present and future of Pakistan. Young students also convinced their teachers & guest to plant 150 trees in other areas. Furthermore they want to organize a meat free day at school canteen to reduce the carbon emission level. Students also captured the witness pictures with their seniors to identify the importance of tree plantation and said “Stop Talking. Start Planting”. Mr. Aslam Khan (President GDAWP) motivated students to keep up the plantation process. A small act can create a big change and contribute to save the planet for the next generation. The Principal also planted one tree and featured for “Stop Talking. Start Planting”.   

Head of Global Programming of PakTurk International Mr. Osman was luckily present in school who came from Turkey. He was also requested to join the plantation activity, and he planted one tree with students. He expressed his views to continue working for such kind of activities in future as well. 
 All the teachers, facilitators also planted trees in school during this activity. 

World Cafe 

Mr. Aslam Khan and Wasif Bashir Babar hold the World Café with dividing all the students into four equal groups. The groups were led by the Teachers & Young volunteers and were assigned four different themes entitled, Media, Adults, other Children and Planting Events. The main question of this world café “how to raise awareness for Climate Crisis and plantation in social media?” was discussed on multiple assumptions & perspectives. Furthermore, they demonstrated that plantation is foremost needed to combat the climate challenges with involving the adults, parents, peers and other children for more plantation in vulnerable communities.  

Media group

The media group highlighted that young Climate Justice Ambassadors can work independently to raise awareness for plantation and Climate Crisis through social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This group concluded that social media is the best and most effective tool to mobilize the local communities for the social plantation and attracting attention on the Climate Crisis.  

Plantation Events

The students in this group demonstrated that we can increase the number of planting events, by creating a competition in the different schools, areas, district clubs and provincial levels. While they added that we should also start to discuss with our parents, peers and relatives to attract their attention towards the tree plantation.  

How to engage Adults?

Adult groups highlighted, that if each child can influence their parents, family members, siblings and friends then ultimately at this moment a great number of our allies can participate in this good work. So at the next stage all the children and their allies should talk to their contacts about the Climate Crisis, carbon dioxide, disasters and Water related challenges to convince them for enormous tree plantation.  

How to engage other Children (Friends and Neighbors)?

The Involvement group concluded that children are the best behaviour influence to their parents and other children. So children should acquire knowledge about the challenges and problems caused by the Climate Crisis to share it to other children, ensuring successful plantation around the world by the children. 
Evening Presentation & Closing Ceremony with Awards of Books-Certificates

During refreshment break some students were trained by teachers and facilitators to develop their evening presentation. In the start of evening the selected students highlighted that there are two sources of carbon dioxide emissions. On the one hand the natural emissions and on the other the man made. The second one is more dangerous but even more manageable with strong commitments and plantation. While students also presented that climate related worst events like heatstroke, disasters and global warming are quite easy to combat with multi-stakeholders involvement, equal gender balance, youth, media-campaigning and educational institutions.
The Academy concluded with strong commitments of the young Climate Justice Ambassadors for mobilizing other children, adults, and parents to have a massive plantation in Pakistan considering ourselves responsible for today and tomorrow. 

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