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Paulina from Mexico is the new Youth Global President


The youth of Plant-for-the-Planet have made their choice and we are happy to present the 14 members of the newly elected Youth Global Board 2015/16. The members represent the 8 world regions Die Mitglieder vertreten die 8 Weltregionen China, Europe, India, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America and Oceania, sub-Saharan Africa, West Asia and North Africa, and Central and East Asia. The results of the election were presented at the international Plant-for-the-Planet Youth Summit taking place from 20-25 May in Tutzing. Out of the 14 members of the Global Board, 7 members participated in the Youth Summit. 

The members of the Plant-for-the-Planet Youth Global Board 2015/16:

Aman (18) from India, Andrea (16) from Guatemala, Emilia (17) from Germany, Giovanni (15) from Italy, Gono (20) from Ivory Coast, Hamidah (20) from Indonesia, Harshla (15) from USA, Kehkashan (15) from UAE, Mohammed Rabiu (20) from Ghana, Paulina (20) from Mexico, Simran (16) from UAE, Sudeep (19) from Nepal,  Yip Hung (20) from China, Yugratna (18) from India.

In a second vote, the voters were able to choose their candidates for the Global Presidents. The results of the election were then announced during the evening on 24th May at Plant-for-the-Planet’s Youth Summit in Tutzing, Germany, and the result was celebrated at the election-party. We are pleased to be able to introduce the new Youth Global Presidents:


Paulina (20) from Mexico is the new Youth Global President, Emilia (17) from Germany is the new Vice Youth President.