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80 new Ambassadors for Ostrava, Czech Republic


Approximately 80 children attended the first academy of Plant for the Planet in Ostrava, Czech Republic on 26th of May 2016. The academy took place in the secondary grammar school of prof. Otto Wichterle in Ostrava-Poruba. Participants from two schools gathered to attend the academy.

The academy began with a presentation about the climate crisis and Plant for the Planet. The children learned a lot about CO2, the greenhouse effect and carbon emission trading and deepend their knowledge by asking a ton of interesting questions after the presentation. Thereafter the children were divided into 6 groups where they played the World Game. Here they compared and discussed the distribution of the population, CO2 emissions and financial resources across the different continents. Soon everybody agreed that the present distribution is quite unjust!

After that, the tasty part of the schedule came. All the children enjoyed the yogurts and snacks from our sponsor, Zott. After the break, the children were divided into 5 groups, which practiced giving good speeches and presentations. Amongst other details, they tried to concentrate on speaking loud, freely and with their own words.

Having consumed so much nutrition for the brain, the children ended up with empty stomachs and headed directly to the canteen to have some yummy lunch. Fueled with new energy and motivation, thereafter the children jumped to the buses of JC-Trans, to head to a planting area in Bělský les. Two instructors were waiting and guided the children through the planting process. 200 oak tree seedlings were planted and one of them was planted by the president of the international movie festival T-Film Ostrava 2016, Ondřej Vetchý.

Ondřej Vetchý is one of the most famous and respected czech movie actors and was amazed by the project. The T-Film Ostrava 2016 festival also gave our coordinator, Simon Michalcik, the opportunity to give a presentation about the climate crisis and Plant for the Planet the day before the academy on the main programme of T-Film Ostrava in front of 150 children.

Having arrived back from the planting action, some of the children put their knowledge about giving speeches to practice and afterwards all children received their certificates. These certify them as Climate Justice Ambassadors and welcomes them into the international network of Plant-for-the-Planet.

More photos are available on our Flickr-Album.