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Good News from Brazil


The year of 2018 started for Plant-for-the-Planet Brazil with a blast: on 06th January our Academy in São Paulo city, with the participation of Felix Finkbeiner, was on television at the TV Program Caldeirão do Huck. In a few hours our Brazilian Facebook page increased from 500 followers to almost 2000. We got hundreds of messages from people intending to support us in some way: volunteers, organizing Academies, offering tree planting areas etc.


180 Academies for children until 2020

Not only volunteers are willing to support us, but also the Ministers for Environment of the 27 capitals of Brazil: In Salvador in the Northeast of Brazil, we’ll have our first Academy in November and 39 Academies will follow until 2020.  In Curitiba, South Brazil, we will also hold 40 Academies and in São Paulo even 100.




A Photo with a Celebrity

One of many exciting events we attended was the launch of the book “Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Propose To Reverse Global Warming” in São Paulo. Our intern Narrian Gomes got a photo with Gisele Bündchen, talked to her about our initiatives in Brazil and got a promise that Gisele will visit our activities in the city of Mariana.






A new beginning

In Mariana, so much is happening. We already have a Plant-for-the-Planet Club there,

we held a Children Summit and we are strongly supported by the Fundação Renova. The foundation has been founded after the collapse of the Fundão dam, a dam containing millions of litres of mining waste. This was Brazil’s worst environmental disaster. To overcome this tragedy, the foundation works together with the children and youth of Plant-for-the-Planet and we’re happy to be part of a new beginning.

To support our projects in Brasil, please donate to

Banco Itaú (341)
Agência: 0300
Conta Corrente: 42707-7
CNPJ: 20.346.141/0001-78
Account Holder: Associação Plant for the Planet Brazil

or IBAN: BR98 6070 1190 0030 0000 0427 077C 1, SWIFT CODE: ITAUBRSP

or contact Luciano Frontelle, [email protected]