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New Climate Justice Ambassadors in Brazil!


On August 9th the Plant-for-the-planet academy took place at Geraldo Sesso Junior school, located in north of São Paulo. WRI (World Resource Institute) was the partner that sponsors the academy, which was closely monitored by Luiza Schmidt, WRI Brasil Urban Development Coordinator.

 Twenty eight children participated, and considering the time available for the activities, the following activities were performed: (1) initial presentation of the climate ambassadors; (2) world map game; (3) project development; (4) planting a tree seedling.

The projects presented by the children were related to the proper disposal of solid waste and community awareness about this problem. One of the groups also brought as a solution the construction of a kitchen garden in the school, to improve the food quality of the students and the community.

After the planting, at the end of the academy, we distributed the certificates to the children, who showed joy that they experienced the workshop with us.

All the pictures can be found here!

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