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Movie recommendation:
Follow Kenyan farmer Kisilu on a political and emotional journey in this award winning documentary. At the UN Climate Talks 2015 he presented his footage to delegates, showcasing the effects the climate crisis had on his village and family.

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Felix @ the Panel „Youth climate action on forest landscape restoration“ der of The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN),

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"Why We Believe Planting 1 Trillion Trees Can Save the Planet"

by Jane Goodall and Marc Benioff at TIME is a must-read with a powerfull message!

>>> Read the full article here


#FakeNews are one of our major problems in these digital times… but what are the mechanisms behind this phenomenon? The gaming project Bad News invites you to the dark site, to become a fake news pro. This way you can see how it works and how you can uncover fake news and myths more easily.

In our “Science Forest PlanBe” scientists from the Crowther Lab explore how we can reforest more effectively.

Watch this exciting video about the field experiments taken on the Yucatán peninsula with Dr. Colin Averill.

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>>> Read the full article with Felix in the LAMPOON magazine here

«If you actively intervene, then the most important question is which species do you select, so that you end up with as much of the biodiversity that would have existed in that place before whatever destruction event happened there». A great interview with Felix about reforestaition and the Plant-for-the-Planet App from the LAMPOON magazine.

Trees are amazing - Find out more about the impressive sizes, formes and shades these beeings can have.

Are trees altruistic, are they taking care of each other? This BBC video about the “Wood Wide Web” has some fascinating facts about the life underground.