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Welcome, Climate Justice Ambassadors!


So far, Plant-for-the-Planet Academies took place in 71 countries. We are happy to share with you the reports from our Program Coordinators from around the globe.

Why do the young participants of the Academy in South Africa wear helmets? That's because they come from the Imveli cycling Academy! We are happy to welcome the cyclists as Climate Justice Ambassadors! Just two days after they received their certificates, five of them cycled 32 kilometres to speak at the next Academy in a primary school in the rural areas of Uitenhage called KwaZakhele. Wow! Read more about the cycling Ambassadors.


What do children in Budapest, Hungary, do to relax after their planting action? They have a yoga course! We love the photos from their Academy. Check them out!

In Mexico, we not only planted the three millionth tree on our planting location in 2018, we also trained many new Ambassadors. Helkai, one of our volunteers in Bacalar, was happy to meet so many motivated children. Read more about their Academy day!

How do these names sound to you: Azadirachta indica, Cassia fistula and Magnifera indica? We think they sound wonderful! These are some of the tree species the children at the Academy in Sitarganj, India, planted. Read more!

In Sripur Bichwa, India, 80 curious children from 10 schools attended the Academy. They really liked the day, as you can read here.


In Bamako, the young participants not only learned about the climate crisis, but also about reforestation in their homeland Mali. Read more about the Academy there.

Another Academy in Jhankat, India with proud Climate Justice Ambassadors:

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