More About Trees and the Climate Crisis

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The first world tree map (Crowther, T. W., 2015)
The global extent and distribution of forest trees is central to our understanding of the terrestrial biosphere.

Global warming: Twenty inescapable facts about the inconvenient truth (Jehne, W., 2007)
The message of this study makes the point from a human and scientific viewpoint: The time to plant trees is NOW!

Kann das 2-Grad-Ziel noch erreicht werden? (Radermacher, F.J., 2014)
Can the 2-Degree Target still be achieved? The author discusses approaches for a new climate agreement against the backdrop of the climate crisis.

The Value of Planting Trees. The Scientific evidence. (WeForest, 2015)
This position paper uses scientific evidence to stress the urgency of planting trees to overcome the climate crisis.

American Forests
American Forests advocate the preservation and the reforestation of threatened forest zones in the USA. Moreover, they provide regular information on current climate protection topics.

Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) is an internationally recognized institution which concerns itself with sustainable forestry and environmentally aware forest management.