For Adults

    Support our global network and help us to empower children all over the world with supporting our academies. Start one in your city or start your Plant-for-the-Planet Club and organize yearly a peer to peer Plant-for-the-Planet Academy

    Which role fits best to you?

    1. Program coordinator (with longterm contract as free-lancer for more than 3 academies /year working on our Proplan-Software). Sent us your cv, copy of pasport and motivation letter. Contact us:

    2. Moderator or co-moderator on the academy-day. If you want to support us as Moderator or Co-moderator, please registrate online for the academy that takes place in your area and contact the organizing Program Coordinator. Choose date and location here.

    3. Organizer for a single academy in your school, club or company.

    4. Initiate a club after visiting an academy with a group of ambassadors and 2 adults (parents or teachers).  Please sent us an email so we can support you.

    5. Support us as a sponsor for our academies or spend money for trees, we will plant trees in Campeche, Mexico. As an individual you can donate or become a member, as a company become partners.