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About me

Carolina, Mexico, born in 1996

COP 16, 10 academies, more than 2000 trees planted in Cancún and zones near Cancún. A trip to México to give give up an action letter to ambassadors worldwide and expand the organization. Also, Kjell, Paulina and me we gave a speech to engineer's students from the UNAM (the most important university of Mexico). Part of the COY 16. With Paulina and Myrna, we organized an iMatter march with a planting party of 300 trees. In 2011, I was part of the Plant for the Planet Global Board, representing Latin America and the Caribbean. This April of 2015, I will empowered an Academy in Tulum.

I am at the Plant-for-the-Planet because...

... Counting since the beginning of the time, we, humans, are just a sneeze of the world, buuuut what a huge thing we have done! I believe that is our duty to do something positive to our home, Earth. Planting trees and giving environmental education is a very good action with big repercussions! That is one of the many reasons why I am at Plant-for-the-Planet.