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About me

Simran, United Arab Emirates, born in 1998

Ambassador since April 2013

Organization of an academy, April 2013


Other acitivities:

Founder and Chairperson of SynergY, a group of young students from various institutions across UAE and in India working together to advocate for more sustainable lifestyles relating to health, environment, and education. 

Regional Middle East Ambassador for TUNZA Eco Generation

United Arab Emirates Chapter Leader for Children of the Earth

Climate Leader and UAE Ambassador for the United States’ former Vice President, Al Gore’s Climate Reality


I am with Plant-for-the-Planet, because...

... of the convene and converge of the global youth,

… of the way reaching audiences through innovations in visualizations, putting the feet in the field and

… of the very interesting, systematic and engaging academies, which educate children and youngsters to sustain our planet.