Global Board 2019 / 2020

    15 young and enthusiastic people from all around the world are members of our Global Board:

    Adebayo, 18, from Rwanda

    Chiagozie, 25, from Nigeria

    Dharmendra, 25, from India

    Dylan, 14, from the US

    Ehiane, 14, from Nigeria

    Elina, 15, from Germany

    Fatou, 23, from Gambia 

    Insaf, 20, from Tunisia

    Kai David, 14, from Germany

    Michelle, 21, from Germany 

    Mugiraneza, 23, from Rwanda

    Nicole, 20, from the US

    Odjohou, 19, from Côte d’Ivoire 

    Paulina, 25, from Mexico 

    Sudeep, 24, from Nepal

    Hi, I am Sudeep, 24 years old and from Nepal. I joined Plant-for-the-Planet in 2012.

    The best part of being active with Plant-for-the-Palnet is to see the results which we worked for. Be it either a tall tree which we had planted some years back or the Climate Justice Ambassador leading and working in initiatives to make this world a better place to live in.

    By being active, I would like to help to create a global network of not only youth and children but every single person of the world leaving no one behind. Because we can’t risk our existence more. And there is no any better solution than planting trees to mitigate Climate Crisis.

    My background: Professionally, I am a Civil Engineer but I've been a long-term volunteer for Plant-for-the-Planet organizing more than dozens of academies in Nepal and India. I have represented Plant-for-the-Planet in many forums in various countries. International Youth NGOs Summit 2015,UNCCD COP14, Climate Reality Projects, South Asian Youth Environment Conclave, International Conference on Climate Action 2019, Asia Pacific Regional Climate Week 2019 are few to remember.

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