Isaac, 14 (USA)

President Global Children Board 2016/17

Projects with Plant-for-the-Planet:

I have been helping to bring Plant-for-the-Planet to Southern Washington, Oregon, and other areas where it has not been before. I led three Academies so far this year and will lead two more next month, including bringing it to my old elementary school. I have talked to people about Plant-for-the-Planet by walking around at events, having conversations, and giving out materials, as well as speaking at events like the EcoFilm Festival in Portland, Oregon and appearing on TV coverage of Academies. I have also been helping organizations like Our Children’s Trust, which brings lawsuits to protect the Climate in many countries like the Netherlands, and

Why I joined the Global Board:

I want to use my election period to brainstorm with the Global Board kids to figure out how we can get Plant-for-the-Planet everywhere in the U.S. I want to get the US to focus seriously on Climate Change since the U.S. is responsible for so much of the world’s carbon. Since the U.S. is the biggest culprit, working together to find ways to get its carbon emissions down is really important.

What Climate Justice means to me:

Climate Justice is important for me because everyone deserves the same opportunities, and no one deserves Climate Change. Families in areas stricken by extreme climate events shouldn't be forced to flee their homes, so that businesses can exploit people and the environment to get profits. Climate justice is so important to me that I became a plaintiff in the nation-wide lawsuit Kelsey Juliana et al. vs. U.S. et al., that asks the U.S. government to stop violating our rights to life, liberty, and property through promoting the use extraction and transportation of fossil fuels and act on Climate Change. I and 20 other plaintiffs are trying to protect the rights of current generations especially the younger generation and future generations so that we can have a bright future. For me, that’s the core of why climate justice is important.