The Story of the Change Chocolate


The history of the Change Chocolate began with a resounding defeat.
Now, it is a success story. 9 million bars have already been sold and,
as a result, more than 4.5 million trees have been planted (as of January 30, 2017).

The name Change Chocolate is a promise: here, literally every single
piece creates a positive change – from new trees to fair wages.
The design of the Change Chocolate displays at a glance what percentage
of the selling price is distributed into which project.

Invented by Children:
The Most Successful Fair Trade Chocolate of All Times

The history of the Change Chocolate shows that the children from
Plant-for-the-Planet do not surrender. In 2011, 13-year-old Felix Finkbeiner
reached a low point in his commitment. At that time he spoke at a meeting
in front of 350 chocolate producers from around the world.
He asked the children’s favorite industry to donate 0.01 percent of their turnover
to Plant-for-the-Planet as a “Future Fee”. In other words, one euro per ton
of the chocolate luxury product. Not a single one answered.
Saying “this is shocking,” Felix left the stage in tears.

Anger became courage – and thus, in 2012 the children from Plant-for-the-Planet
introduced their own chocolate onto the market. The market launch of the Change Chocolate
was the most successful product launch of a fair trade chocolate of all time.
It is produced in the same manner that the children envisage every product:
fair trade certified and climate neutral.

Become a Part of this Success Story.

Chocolate Producers of the World, join in now!
The Change Chocolate is as "Die Gute Schokolade" very successful in Germany and Austria.
To go global, we need your support.
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