Sustainable Events

Make your event a sustainable event! With an inspiring lecture on climate justice or by offsetting the carbon emissions of your event.

    We inspire your audience!

    You would like to invite Climate Justice Ambassadors to give a lecture at your event? We will be happy to support you!

    Our Climate Justice Ambassadors are children and young people who want to save their future. In their speeches they call for more climate justice, for more commitment from private individuals and companies and above all to plant a trillion trees to combat the climate crisis. Because the climate crisis is currently the greatest threat to their future.

    To help us find Climate Justice Ambassadors from your region, we would ask you to fill out the following questionnaire and send it to [email protected]:


    More ideas for sustainable events

    Would you like to make your event something very special? Here you will find a few possibilities, please contact us:


    Climate Neutral Event

    Every event generates carbon emissions. Emissions that cannot be avoided in advance can be offset with Plant-for-the-Planet. You plant trees and support the empowerment and supervision of our children and young people. If you are interested, we will be happy to send you further information. Contact us: [email protected]

    The Change Chocolate

    Climate neutral, fairtrade and for every fifth or third table a tree is planted. As a gift or for sale against a donation - it is delicious in any case! For events in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, we can offer to ship the Change Chocolate. Contact us: [email protected]

    Tree vouchers

    Give your guests trees as a present. Each tree costs 1 Euro. The vouchers can be personalized. Create your tree vouchers here (please contact us for larger quantities).


    Collect tree donations together with your guests, partners and friends and plant your own forest. Whether only at this event or on a long-term basis - all trees are counted and visualized in your tree counter. Simply register at

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