Why trees?

    The map shows the tree loss (red), the forest cover (green) and reforestation areas (blue).

    Trees are awesome!

    Planting trees is the only geoengineering method that has worked for thousands of years, all over the world, reliably and with several co-benefits for humans and other species of the nature. The children and youth at Plant-for-the-Planet have set themselves the goal of motivating humanity to plant a trillion trees.

    There is space for a Trillion Trees on Earth!

    As per a study conducted by Prof. Crowther, there are 3000 billion trees growing on earth currently. Without competing with settlements or agriculture, there is room for another 1000 billion trees - that can absorb upto 25 per cent of the human-made carbon emissions. This area comprises of lands - where forests once grew - but they were cleared.

    Plant-for-the-Planet replants once such area - at the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico - which is on road to become a valuable forest again!

    To ensure that the carbon is really bound long term and sustainably, the wood can also be used for durable products - instead of being burnt - so the carbon can be bound for decades longer. The maxim here is sustainable forestry, i.e. the direct reforesting of places where trees were destroyed. The process also creates more jobs - regionally - and the added value is retained with the local communications.

    Trees Create Development.

    When businesses and private donors promote reforestation, they

    · give people in the Global South a new source of income,

    · offer people a new perspective and opportunities in their home country and therefore reduce the number of refugees,

    · maintain fertile soil, biodiversity and natural capital,

    · develop new sources of food and other resources for humans and other living things,

    · create wealth through the development of  timber industries with durable wood products, which bind carbon for centuries,

    · and in the best case scenario, create a timber industry based on the co-operative principle, keeping the added value with the local people.


    188 Million Hectares Available.

    We have come further than ever before: 27 African nations have promised, through AFR100, to restore 111 million hectares of landscapes, among them degraded forests, which equates to approximately
    55 billion trees. Globally, nations have already promised to restore 188 million hectares through the
    Bonn Challenge.

    The shared goal: to restore 350 million hectares by 2030.

    A huge area: 350 million hectares. And only 12 years to carry out the planting.


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