Landscape Restoration Advisor

We are looking for a landscape ecologist to work on our Restoration Advisory Team, which advises our network of over 270+ tree planting and forest restoration projects by over 70 organisations.

You will provide free advice to restoration projects around the world that may not have in-house ecologists. You will specifically focus on taking a landscape-level approach, integrating the land use needs of multiple different stakeholders. This may include advice on site selection, restoration methods, species selection, involvement of the local community, designing monitoring systems, improving alignment with national and international restoration commitments, developing partnerships and more. Most of this work will be done via zoom and email from our office. However, in some cases you may help projects on the ground. 

A particular focus of your work will be on developing the long-term restoration and conservation strategy for the Yucatán Restoration Project.

It is a 100% remote position.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Master’s or PhD in restoration ecology or related field
  • 3+ years of experience with forest restoration project implementation
  • Intimate knowledge of conservation and restoration methods
  • Understanding of landscape restoration approaches
  • Experience working with national or international restoration frameworks
  • Demonstrated ability to form partnerships with organisations involved in landscape policy or management (e.g. government, industry, NGOs, indigenous groups)
  • Speak English

Good to have

  • Experience with remote-sensing-based forest monitoring
  • Speak German, Spanish

About Plant-for-the-Planet

Plant-for-the-Planet is a youth-led non-profit organization with a vision to restore a Trillion Trees. We are a collective of young climate justice ambassadors, environmental scientists, designers, and software developers – in the Americas, Asia & Europe – working together to find solutions to the climate crisis. We value and promote the diversity of our employees and applicants.

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