About PlantAhead

    “We’re going to be the victims of the climate crisis.
    It is in our own self-interest to get children to act.”

    Felix Finkbeiner

    As part of the Billion Tree Campaign, children and youth and many adults have already planted over 15 billion trees in order to fight the climate crisis and its devastating environmental, social and economic consequences.

    Lot has been done, but not enough. We need to scale up.

    In order to achieve this goal, a global movement to plant 1,000 billion trees is launched. That way between 25% and 50% of global human-made carbon emissions could be set off. This would help us to keep the temperature rise below the crucial 2°C by giving us more time to transform our global energy system into 100% renewable energies.

    Take action and add your voice to this movement!



    It's about our future!

    The climate crisis is threatening the future of us and our children.

    It‘s setting in motion a dramatic domino effect with catastrophic environmental, social and economic consequences, such as drought, flooding, hunger, poverty, war and refugee crises.

    We are running out of time.

    But there is one thing we can do: Plant trees.

    We will kick off the Trillion Tree Campaign and start a posivtive chain reaction on March 9th, 2018 at the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco. The launch event is called PlantAhead.

    The Facts:

    Three trillion trees already exist (Crowther et al 2015, see below). We have space for further 600 billion trees (Crowther et al 2017, see below). To achieve this, we need to plant one trillion trees as some won't surivive. That 600 billion trees will capture 270 gigatons of CO2 and hereby store up to 91 gigatons of carbon (Crowther et al 2017, see below). Additionally, 170 billion trees are in immanent risk of Destruction (WWF 2011, see below). They are crucial carbon storages and eco systems! We need to protect them.

    A trillion trees could cool down the earth, give us the time to switch to a climate-neutral lifestyle and stimulate poor regions by adding hundreds of millions jobs to the global economy.

    ¡Los árboles son geniales!

    Time is running, as the Carbon Clock shows. But trees are growing! Watch the World Forest Clock to explore this development.

    Scientific Sources:
    Crowther, T. W. et al. (2015) Mapping tree density at a global scale. Nature 525, 201–205.
    Crowther, T. W. et al. (2017) Predicting Global Forest Reforestation Potential.
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    Prince Albert II of Monaco and Achim Steiner handing over the Billion Tree Campaign to the children of Plant-for-the-Planet.

    Why Monaco?

    We chose Monaco, because many wealthy and influential people live there. We need them now - for our future. Moreover, Monaco is the place where our patron HSH Prince Albert II, who has supported us for many years, can best help us spread the message. Prince Albert II has actively supported environmental protection for decades and advocates for sustainability all over the world.

    In 2006, Prince Albert II and the late Wangari Maathai launched the Billion Tree Campaign. At the same time, 9-year-old Felix and his friends began motivating children and adults to plant trees, kicking off the Plant-for-the-Planet movement. Five years later, the United Nations Environment Programme and Prince Albert II handed over the Billion Tree Campaign and the official tree counter to us children. What an honor!