Sustainability is at the heart of Plant-for-the-Planet’s mission!

    Our mission is to fight against the climate crisis and plant trees for a better world. We are committed to reduce the environmental and social impact of the event making a positive mark on our host community.

    By following a sustainable event framework in accordance with the leading international event industry standards, we are committed to work towards to set an example for other events and leave a lasting legacy of sustainability in Monaco well beyond the event. By integrating sustainability principles into our event we will not only minimize the environmental footprint, benefit for social impact, but also improve its quality and experience.

    Some ways we are working on to minimize our event’s footprint and contribute positively to the host destination to maximize legacy benefits are shown below.


    Environmental Sustainability

    Rethink and engage with team members and suppliers to support event sustainability targets through collaboration to more sustainable processes and products.
    Integration of sustainable sourcing processes by including Plant-for-the-Planet’s expectations for supplier’s sustainable measures in contracts.
    Waste reduction: waste prevention considered throughout event design.
    Reusable and ecologically friendly supplier event properties, signage, expo and keynote showcase and carpets whenever possible.
    Sustainable conference Food & Beverage: menus are chosen with local, organic, and sustainable products when possible.
    Use of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) & Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) certified paper for any printed materials.
    Recycling box will be available for name badges and lanyards.
    Report: Measure and report of results and impacts like waste diversion for landfill, compost, and recyclables, degree of local and organic menu items among other.
    Engagement: raise sustainability awareness, foster pro-environmental behavior and sustainable lifestyles.
    Carbon Footprint: minimise greenhouse gas emissions created by event and offset emissions to achieve a CO2-carbon neutral event.

    Plant Trees!

    Social Sustainability

    We support legacy programs with dedicated Academies at local communities along the Côte d'Azur surrounding the PlantAhead Launch Event to provide education. Following initiatives are being implemented for Monaco: 

    Raise Awareness

    Provide information on environmental concerns and the importance of contributing to a sustainable community and encourage behavior change.
    Provide children education for Sustainable Development allowing every human being to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future.
    Encourage everyone to be mindful on what can be done towards environmental and social sustainability.

    To learn more about this cause we encourage you and your children to read their online book “Tree by Tree” also available for download in 13 languages.

    “Like” the “Stop talking. Start planting” campaign.

    Every Action Helps - What You Can Do

    Join us by considering sustainability aspects in your itinerary. Every little change in your daily habits can help the environment. We would like to encourage you in joining us in making PlantAhead a more sustainable event.

    Making a difference by reducing your event impact is very simple. It could be as easy as turning off the lights, TV, radio, laptops and air-conditioning / heater when you leave your hotel room.

    Here are some suggestions on efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle while planning your travel and at the conference:

    If coming by plane, use the most direct flight option because it cuts down on carbon emissions.
    Try car-sharing or sharing a taxi with a colleague.
    Use Monaco’s accessible public transportation whenever possible.
    Be sure to shut drapes, turn off lights, TV, laptops and radio when you leave your room.
    Turn down heating/air conditioning in unoccupied rooms.
    Unplug your phone charger and laptop when you are not using them.
    Recycle your badges: look for the Recycle Badge Box at the conference service area when you leave and leave any unwanted conference supplies at the conference service desk.

    We will continue to evaluate opportunities to decrease our event impact on the environment while maintaining a high level of attendee satisfaction. There are still many opportunities to improve and we welcome your feedback.