Carbon neutral event

All emissions connected to an event, that cannot be otherwise avoided or reduced in advance, can be offset by planting trees. A tree absorbs an average of 10 kg of CO2  per year. Although forests take several decades to grow, we base our calculations on a reforestation period of 10 years, which means 100 kg CO2 per tree, taking the following factors into account:

1.  Tree loss due to cleaning and weeding
2.  Tree loss due to natural disasters (e.g. forest fires, diseases, pests)
3.  Other indirect emission factors (e.g. forestry vehicles, etc.)

Since we plant a tree for every € 1 we receive in donations, and on the basis of our above calculations to be on the safe side, for just €1 you can offset 100 kg of CO2 emissions through our reforestation programme. You can even give the trees you donate to your guests in the form of a tree voucher. The trees can then be planted in addition to the real world in our virtual forest thanks to a unique code on the tree voucher.

Plant-for-the-Planet has a reforestation programme in Constitution, Campeche (Mexico) on land owned and looked after by our Mexican foundation. This enables us to offer complete transparency and ensures, through close contact with local actors in the country, that every donated tree is properly planted and cared for.