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Ambassadors as future lobbyists - become part of the Plant-for-the-Planet delegation at COP 25 in Chile

This year's World Climate Conference will take place from 2 - 13 December. In 2019 delegates from all over the world will meet in the Chilean capital Santiago de Chile. As in previous years, Plant-for-the-Planet has again registered a delegation. There we will again distribute the Good Chocolate in a special edition to the participants and hope to be able to influence their decisions positively.

If you would like to be part of the delegation, please send your application to Helge Bork until 22.09.2019. Explain why you would like to be there and in which of the two negotiation weeks you can participate. Plant-for-the-Planet will accredit you and provide accommodation for ten delegates. In return, we expect you to actively help us with the morning chocolate distribution and to take over shifts at the information booth. You can expect an exciting week with many international ambassadors from Plant-for-the-Planet!