Only talking won't stop glaciers from melting! Everyone is talking about the climate crisis. But what is actually happening there? And what can we children do about it? Participating in our Plant- for-the-Planet Academies means furthering your knowledge about the climate crisis and global justice. You will learn how to give presentations and to organise planting sessions.

What is an Academy?

At a Plant-for-the-Planet Academy you become a Climate Justice Ambassador. You will explore all the important topics of the climate crisis and global justice You learn how to give presentations and to organize planting sessions.

For you, participating in an Academy is free of charge! Select an event in your area and register!

The Plant-for-the-Planet academies are an official project of the UN Decade "Education for Sustainable Development" (

The 3 pillars of an Academy

A Plant-for-the-Planet Academy builds on three basic elements, the so-called "3 pillars" of an Academy. No matter if you are a teacher, entrepreneur, forester or private person - an Academy can be organised by everyone.

The Plant-for-the-Planet staff will support you to incorporate the "3 pillars" on-site.

Upcoming dates

Choose here an Academy for Climate Justice Ambassadors (9-12 years) or an Academy for Future Ambassadors (15-21 years).
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